A little background.

Thanks for coming by to see my work. I really appreciate it!

I studied illustration many years ago but took quite the long hiatus, while I ran my jewelry business full time. Did you know that drawing skills can atrophy? Hoo boy. They sure can, friend.

But I had been drawing, in my mind, for years. I’d look at a landscape and try to picture myself mixing the colors, dragging a line across the horizon. I was too afraid to actually attempt it though, convinced that my skills were too far gone. And let’s be real, they weren’t all that great to begin with. A well respected professor, during a freshman year crit, told me that I could never be an illustrator because it was apparent that I couldn’t see the dimensionality of the object I was trying to represent. That definitive judgement joined the choir of doubt already in my mind and the voices harmonized, effortlessly. 

Although I continued to work towards my goal as an illustrator, the way things were going, I was predestined to fail. So after graduation, I gave it up and moved on to other creative outlets.

When I began to draw again, a couple of years ago, it was for personal practice- I had a new little one and a business to work on. Having a kid, you’re changed forever, one way or another. Something in me wanted to draw again and I knew that if I didn’t try, I’d probably regret it, and my spirit would always feel a little lost. It was evident already that being happy made me a more patient parent, so I wasn’t doing this for me. I was doing this for her, I justified to my inner critic.  

The first attempt was so fiddly and awkward; my sweet, helpful babe grabbed a crayon and tried to improve on it. I hit post anyway; only one way to go from here!