Born and raised in New York, Laura Su is an artist/illustrator now based in Berkeley, CA.

I’m incredibly grateful to have inherited a strong entrepreneurial spirit from my family, and started my first company shortly after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. You can still buy my jewelry work at  
These days, I create little (and sometimes very, very big!) works of art. My inspiration for them come from the intersection of all my identities. My pieces often deal with the journey of motherhood, cultural identity, and the overall processing of my lived experiences. I’m also currently in the process of earning a graduate certificate in Early Childhood Education.
In the work that I do, symbolism is my favorite language to speak in, and they show up in the form of flowers, plants, and animals. 
My most recent images and videos of pieces in progress are on instagram: @laurasu_art 
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If you’re interested in collaborating,  purchasing art, or commissioning work, please email me at
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